I have taught singing for over ten years, to adults and children of all ages. As a Classically trained singer, gaining my Degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Music, I have worked hard on perfecting my technique as a performer and have trialed and tested many theories and ideas… some working for me, some not so much! I have gone through the ups and downs this can bring, so as a teacher am extremely sensitive to the needs of my students, hopefully bringing out their joy for singing in their own personal way.
I am a versatile performer myself, singing all styles of music, meaning I have a love and appreciation for whatever genre my student may want to study and know it is all about their core technique and then just being stylistically aware, opening your mouth, singing from within and LETTING GO!
I’m very laid back and easy going, but make sure lots of hard work is done in our lessons, but having fun at the same time.
Whether you are singing as a hobby or want to pursue a career as a singer, I believe I can help, and give some advice about the industry along the way. Currently based in North London, contact me now for more info on prices, location and to book your first lesson… let the journey begin.